Value Object representing an object.

An object can be either typed or untyped. When an object is typed it means that it has an identifier, the FQSEN,
pointing to an element in PHP. Object types that are untyped do not refer to a specific class but represent objects
in general.

  • psalm-immutable
Cloneable Final Instantiable
public __construct ( ? phpDocumentor\Reflection\Fqsen $fqsen = NULL )

Initializes this object with an optional FQSEN, if not provided this object is considered 'untyped'.

  • throws InvalidArgumentException When provided $fqsen is not a valid type.
public __toString () : string
public getFqsen () : ? phpDocumentor\Reflection\Fqsen

Returns the FQSEN associated with this object.

private $fqsen
  • var Fqsen | null
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