public abstract addParameter(string $name, $value) : void

Adds a parameter to the service locator that can be injected in a tag's factory method.

When calling a tag's "create" method we always check the signature for dependencies to inject. One way is to typehint a parameter in the signature so that we can use that interface or class name to inject a dependency (see {@see \addService()} for more information on that).

Another way is to check the name of the argument against the names in the Service Locator. With this method you can add a variable that will be inserted when a tag's create method is not typehinted and has a matching name.

Be aware that there are two reserved names:

  • name, representing the name of the tag.
  • body, representing the complete body of the tag.

These parameters are injected at the last moment and will override any existing parameter with those names.

  • param mixed $value
public abstract addService(object $service) : void

Registers a service with the Service Locator using the FQCN of the class or the alias, if provided.

When calling a tag's "create" method we always check the signature for dependencies to inject. If a parameter has a typehint then the ServiceLocator is queried to see if a Service is registered for that typehint.

Because interfaces are regularly used as type-hints this method provides an alias parameter; if the FQCN of the interface is passed as alias then every time that interface is requested the provided service will be returned.

public abstract create(string $tagLine, ?phpDocumentor\Reflection\Types\Context $context = NULL) : phpDocumentor\Reflection\DocBlock\Tag

Factory method responsible for instantiating the correct sub type.

  • param string $tagLine The text for this tag, including description.
  • return \Tag A new tag object.
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException If an invalid tag line was presented.
public abstract registerTagHandler(string $tagName, string $handler) : void

Registers a handler for tags.

If you want to use your own tags then you can use this method to instruct the TagFactory to register the name of a tag with the FQCN of a 'Tag Handler'. The Tag handler should implement the {@see \Tag} interface (and thus the create method).

  • param string $tagName Name of tag to register a handler for. When registering a namespaced tag, the full name, along with a prefixing slash MUST be provided.
  • param class-string<\Tag> $handler FQCN of handler.
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException If the tag name is not a string.
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException If the tag name is namespaced (contains backslashes) but does not start with a backslash.
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException If the handler is not a string.
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException If the handler is not an existing class.
  • throws \InvalidArgumentException If the handler does not implement the {@see \Tag} interface.
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