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    A quick and easy way to add documentation to your PHP project

    We all document our code with PHP DocBlocks but we never seem to actually generate the documentation and add it to our project. Why? It simply takes too much time (over a minute), so we put it off till later, and later never comes.

    But with PHPFUI\InstaDoc, you can document your site in about a minute (OK, maybe 2). The steps involved:

    • Install PHPFUI\InstaDoc via Composer (30 seconds)
    • Run installation script (30 seconds)
    • Create document page (1 minute, 5 lines of code)

    Two minutes to usable documentation with the following features:

    PHPFUI\InstaDoc Features

    • Always up to date, even with code that is not yet checked in
    • Quick access to highlighted PHP source with user selectable highlighting
    • Quick access to the file's git history for the local repo
    • Documents all projects loaded via Composer automatically
    • Tabbed documentation so you are not looking at irrelevant methods
    • Alphabetized everything, no more searching unalphabetized pages!
    • Support for markdown and custom markdown pages
    • Ability to generate static html files for high volume sites
    • Add any local repo directories
    • Remove any Composer project you don't care about
    • 5+ line config compatible with all PHP frameworks, or standalone
    • Completely configurable UI if you don't like the default
    • Uses Foundation CSS framework for a great experience on mobile

    Install PHPFUI\InstaDoc

    composer require phpfui/InstaDoc

    Run Installation Script

    Once installed, you need to run an installation script to copy static files to your public directory. From the project root, run the following:

    php vendor/phpfui/instadoc/install.php yourPublicDirectory/subDirectory

    Example: php vendor/phpfui/instadoc/install.php public/PHPFUI will add all needed files to public/PHPFUI, which will avoid any conflicts with your current files. You can specify any directory by using \PHPFUI\Page::setResourcePath, but PHPFUI is recomended to keep things simple.

    Create Document Page

    PHPFUI\InstaDoc does not reply on any framework and can run on a standalone page. It is recommended that you do not make your documentation public, as PHPFUI\InstaDoc will display PHP source files. How you restrict access to the page is up to you. The following does not restrict access and is simply an example:

    include 'yourAutoLoader.php';
    // pass the directory containing your composer.json file
    $fileManager = new \PHPFUI\InstaDoc\FileManager('../');
    // add you App class tree in
    $fileManager->addNamespace('App', '../App', true);
    // load you cached files
    // get the controller
    $controller = new \PHPFUI\InstaDoc\Controller($fileManager);
    // display will return a fully formed page
    echo $controller->display();

    That is it. You are done!

    Example and Full Documentation


© 2020 Bruce Wells
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