A text area wrapper with support for WYSIWYG html editing

public PHPFUI\Base::DEBUG_SOURCE = 1
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::__clone()
public __construct(string $name, string $label = '', ?string $value = '')

Construct a TextArea

  • param string $name of field
  • param string $label optional
  • param ?string $value inital value
public PHPFUI\Base::__toString() : string
public PHPFUI\Base::add(?mixed $item) : static

Base add function. Adds to the end of the current objects

  • param mixed $item should be convertable to string
public PHPFUI\Base::addAsFirst(?mixed $item) : static

Base addAsFirst function. Adds to the front of the current object

  • param mixed $item should be convertable to string
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addAttribute(string $attribute, string $value = '') : static

Add an attribute the the object

  • param string $value of the attribute, blank for just a plain attribute
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addClass(string $class) : static

Add a class to an object

  • param string $class name(s) to add
public PHPFUI\Input\Input::addErrorMessage(string $error) : static

Set a specific error

  • param string $error to display on form validation
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::addPHPClassName() : static

Adds the base PHP class name as a class to this object

public PHPFUI\Base::count() : int

Number of object in this object. Does not count sub objects.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteAttribute(string $attribute) : static

Deletes the passed attribute

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteAttributes() : static

Deletes all attributes

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::deleteClass(string $classToDelete) : static

Delete a class from the object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::disabled() : static

Disabled the element

public PHPFUI\Base::done(bool $done = true) : static

Form is done rendering

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getAttribute(string $attribute) : ?string

Get an attribute

  • return ?string does not exist if null
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getAttributes() : string

Returns the attribute strings. Attributes with values are returned as name/value pairs, attributes without values are returned as just the attribute name.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getClass() : string

Returns the class attribute ready for insertion into an element.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getClasses() : array

Returns all classes for the object

  • return string[]
public static PHPFUI\Base::getDebug(int $flags = 0) : int

Gets the current debug setting

public PHPFUI\Input::getDisabled() : bool

Return true if disabled

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getElement() : string

Return the type of the element

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getError() : ?PHPFUI\HTML5Element

Get the error message for placement else where. If this is called, the error mesage will not be incorporated automatically, but must be placed by the caller

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getHint() : ?PHPFUI\HTML5Element
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getId() : string

Return the id of the object. Elements will not have an id unless this method is called. The id is returned as a string starting with id followed by a unique number to the page. Id numbers are deterministic and start start with 1. Once assigned an id, an element will always have the same id. It will get a new id if cloned.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getIdAttribute() : string

Return the id attribute of the object as a name/value pair. If no id has been requested, and empty string is returned.

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getLabel() : string

Return the label for the input field

public PHPFUI\Input::getName() : string

Returns the name of the input field

public PHPFUI\Input::getPlaceholder() : string

Returns the current placeholder

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::getRequired() : bool
public PHPFUI\Base::getResponse() : string

Get the current response

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getToolTip(string $label) : PHPFUI\ToolTip|string

Get the tool tip as a string

  • return \ToolTip|string return type depends on if the tip was set as a string or ToolTip object.
public PHPFUI\Input::getType() : string

Returns the type of the input field

public PHPFUI\Input::getValue() : string

Return the initial value of the input field

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasClass(string $class) : bool

Return true if the class is present on the object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasId() : bool

Does this object have an id set already?

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::hasToolTip() : bool
  • return bool if there is a tool tip associated with this element
public htmlEditing(PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page $page, PHPFUI\Interfaces\HTMLEditor $model) : static

enable html editing using a JavaScript Editor

  • param \PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page $page requires JS
public PHPFUI\Base::isDone() : bool

Returns true if the page needs no more processing

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::newId() : static

Assign a new id to this element.

public PHPFUI\Base::prepend(?mixed $item) : static

Add an object in front of existing object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setAttribute(string $attribute, string $value = '') : static

Set the attribute overwriting the prior value

  • param string $value of the attribute, blank for just a plain attribute
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setConfirm( $text) : static

A simple way to set a confirm on click

  • param string $text confirm text
public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setDataMask(PHPFUI\Interfaces\Page $page, string $mask) : static
public static PHPFUI\Base::setDebug(int $level = 0) : void

Set the debug level, 1 or higher is on

public PHPFUI\Input::setDisabled(bool $disabled = true) : static

Set disabled

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setElement( $element) : static

You can set the element type if you need to morph it for some reason

  • param string $element
public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setErrorMessages(array $errors) : static

Set all error messages

  • param string[] $errors to display on form validation
public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setHint(string $hint) : static

Set a hint

  • param string $hint to display with input
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setId( $id) : static

Set the base id of the object

  • param string $id to set. Will be returned as set. It is up to the caller to prevent duplicate ids.
public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setLabel(string $label) : static

Set a label if not specified in constructor

public PHPFUI\Input::setName(string $name) : static
public PHPFUI\Input::setPlaceholder(string $placeholder) : static
public PHPFUI\Base::setRawResponse(string $response, bool $asJSON = true) : static

Sets the page response directly and exits the program

  • return never|static
public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setRequired(bool $required = true) : static

Set required

  • param bool $required default true
public PHPFUI\Base::setResponse(string $response, string $color = 'lime') : static

Set a response in the standard format ('reponse' and 'color' array) exit will be called after returning the encoded response

  • param string $response to return
  • param string $color used for the save button
  • return never|static
public setRows(int $rows = 10) : static

Set the number of rows the text area occupies

  • param int $rows default 10
public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::setToolTip(PHPFUI\ToolTip|string $tip) : static

Set the tool tip. Can either be a ToolTip or a string. If it is a string, it will be converted to a ToolTip

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::setValidator(PHPFUI\Validator $validator, string $errorMessage = '', ?string $data = NULL) : static

Set the validator for this input field. You must also add it to the page with addAbideValidator()

public PHPFUI\Input::setValue(string $value) : static

Set the initial value of the input field

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::toggleAnimate(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element, string $animation) : static

Will toggle the provided element on click with the provided animation.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::toggleClass(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element, string $class) : static

Will toggle the class on the provided element on click.

public PHPFUI\Input\Input::toggleFocus(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $element) : static

Toggle the passed in element when this field gets focus.

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::transferAttributes(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : static

Moves attributes into this object from the passed object

public PHPFUI\HTML5Element::transferClasses(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : static

Moves classes into this object from the passed object

public PHPFUI\Base::walk(string $method, ?mixed $argument = NULL) : static

Recursively walks all objects and calls the passed method on each object where it exists

  • param string $method to call on the object in the collection
  • param mixed $argument to pass to the method
protected bool PHPFUI\Input::$disabled = false
protected ?PHPFUI\HTML5Element PHPFUI\Input\Input::$error = NULL
protected array PHPFUI\Input\Input::$errorMessages = []
  • var string[]
protected ?PHPFUI\HTML5Element PHPFUI\Input\Input::$hint = NULL
protected string PHPFUI\Input\Input::$hintText = ''
protected ?string PHPFUI\Input\Input::$label
protected string PHPFUI\Input::$name
protected string PHPFUI\Input::$placeholder = ''
protected bool PHPFUI\Input\Input::$required = false
protected string PHPFUI\Input::$type = ''
protected ?string PHPFUI\Input::$value
protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::getBody() : string
protected getEnd() : string
protected PHPFUI\Base::getItems() : array
  • return array
protected getStart() : string
protected PHPFUI\Input\Input::setAutoCompleteRequired(PHPFUI\Page $page, PHPFUI\Input\Input $text) : void
protected PHPFUI\HTML5Element::upCastCopy(PHPFUI\HTML5Element $to, PHPFUI\HTML5Element $from) : object

Clones the first object and fills it with properties from the second object

private int $rows = 10
public static PHPFUI\Base::getDebug(int $flags = 0) : int

Gets the current debug setting

public static PHPFUI\Base::setDebug(int $level = 0) : void

Set the debug level, 1 or higher is on

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